Formed in 2017 under soft-hued neon lights, Adelaide four-piece sad-pop group PINKISH BLU have quickly earned praise for themselves with their infectious and driven compositions, that couple perfectly with the existential lyrics reflecting on fleeting youth and growing up in suburbia.

The band established themselves in the Adelaide music scene with their popular debut single ‘Hung Up’. After sharing the stage with bands like WAAX, Skeggs and Horror My Friend the group began work on their debut EP.

“After we had written and recorded a full alt-punk EP and were planning on releasing it, Brice our vocalist came to use with a fresh new sounding song. This was the first version of ‘Lovely’, it still held on to the punk vibes we were currently writing but was pulling away to a more synth-pop sound. After realising the potential we decided to push our creativeness further than we had before and to follow the new sound leaving behind the punk EP. We feel we have really found a sound that lets us explore our creative capabilities more so now than ever before,” says guitarist Sebastian James.

Armed with their new sound in 2018 the band released ‘Lovely’ and that’s when things started to really come into full bloom for the boys. The band worked with working with 2017 ‘ARIA Producer of the Year’ Adrian Breakspear (Gang of Youths, Pharrell Williams) to bring the hazy 80’s inspired vibes of the track to life. The lush synth layers of PINKISH BLU’s music floats alongside the punk inspired guitar riffs, the two worlds never overpowering one another but co-existing, two equal parts of the ying and yang that make up the groups sound.

After gaining praise from tastemakers like triple j, Pilerats and Purple Sneakers the band followed it up with their biggest, and perhaps most ambitious release to date ‘Capricorn’ which has amassed over 170 thousand streams on Spotify.. A creatively mature step in the direction of really owning their unique sound the track is filled with synth hooks and signature guitar tones, complimented with inventive songwriting and lyricism references ranging from Greek Mythology and star signs to the Bible.

In the later half of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 the band have supported bands such as The Rubens, Last Dinosaurs, Trophy Eyes, The Delta Riggs, Kingswood and MANE to name a few. The band were also chosen as the triple j Unearthed winners for this years Groovin’ The Moo which saw the group open the Wayville event in April this year.

The band has been able to develop their sound by taking influences from Post-Punk, 80s New-Wave and Synth-Pop to create the emotional, dreamy and brutally honest sound to which some of compared to artists like M83, The 1975 and LANY. Pinkish Blu strive to push the limits of their creativity and broaden their horizons in 2019 and beyond, with an suitcase filled with emotionally raw and powerful tracks to follow the world is at their feet and they are ready to deliver.

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